Foodie Fridays

Here is a list of Savory Old School recipes to try, or at least have fun reading about:
  • Barbeque Mopping Sauce or "Dipney" Sauce (1913)
  • Squirrel Soup (1887)
  • Homemade Seasonings and Spice Mixtures
    • Kitchen Pepper (1807)
    • Soup Powder (1890)
    • Bouquet Garni (1919)
  • Old Fashioned Tomato Ketchup - Two Versions of Catsup (1890)
  • Salads & Dressings (1913)
    • Shrimp Salad (layered salad)
    • Pineapple Salad (with pimento cheese)
    • Red & White Salad (using grapefruit pulp, beets, and lettuce hearts)
    • Banana and Celery Salad (unusual salad served with French dressing)
    • Creole French Dressing
  • Unusual Recipes - Could be sweet or savory, depending on the meal course
    • Tongue Pie (1798)
    • A Foot Pie (1798)
    • Meat Bread - the author wrote that 'The meat would also appear capable of preservation for an indefinite period in its new state [the bread itself], for the loaves of meat bread made in 1873 were lately submitted to The French Academy of Science, when not a trace of worms or mouldiness was observable.' (1881)
    • Blood Bread - using uncoagulated beef blood (1881)
    • Pork Cake - using a pound of salt pork (1881)
    • Cabbage Strudel - using cabbage simmered in a 1/2 cup of goose oil (1901)
    • Suet Pudding - two recipes for steamed puddings using predominately suet (1901)

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