Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ida Bailey Allen's Modern Cookbook Cookies

These recipes are from Ida Bailey Allen's Modern Cook Book (or Mrs. Allen on Cooking, Menus Service) from the early 1920s. Those not familiar with Mrs. Allen, she was to America then what Martha Stewart is to America now. She was the first homemaking giant. She hosted her own radio show, was an editor for Good Housekeeping, had written over a dozen publishd cookbooks, lectured during WWII, and according to the Antique Trader, she was the first female food host with her show "Mrs. Allen and the Chef".

The book I have of hers contains 1,000 pages of recipes, tips, and household planning ideas. The last 25 or so pages contains nothing but advertising, but she clerverly stuffs the adverts with recipes, too.

Try three recipes from this book, on the new Old School Pastry blog.


Photo of Ida Bailey Allen from the book, Modern Cook Book.

"Collecting classic cookbooks: Repasts from the past." Patricia Edwards. Antique Trader. August 29, 2009. Article retrieved February 28, 2013.

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