Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Old Time Tools & Ingredients

Patty-pans, patty pans -
Cups used for baking, usually paper. Items used to bake in them: muffins, cakes, quick breads, etc. Also made of other materials such as tin.
Other Links for Patty Pan History:
This link shows a selection from the Patty Pan collection in the La Trobe Collection, State Library of Victoria, black & white picture showing what some old-time patty-pan cups looked like:


Gem Pans -

Shallow pans, mostly made from cast iron, used for baking. Similar to muffin cups but besides round shapes, gem pans could be found in many different shapes. Also found in deep-style pans. Gems were similar in make up to a muffin, and the basic recipes were mixed as a muffin.
A sample picture from Feeding America, The Historic American Cookbook Project.


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